Dan Cosma

Dan Cosma

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First Name * Dan
Last Name * Cosma
Username * Mayashu
Country * Romania
Nationality Romanian
Languages EnglishFrenchromanian


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Games Computer
Preferred Tools MAYA3ds maxAfter EffectsModelingPhotoshopTexturingRiggingMental RayVrayTurtle


Availability: Freelance
Website www.bluesharky.com/works


In general, I think most people would consider me an intellectual, but they usually don't see the great joy in physical feats of mental strength as well.Since I was little I loved the challenges and I put my mind to solve them , maybe that's why I love so much the adventure games.I see the computer just as a tool and I try to spend some time away from this tool wich tend to eat all my time.

Beside the computer games I love to do a bunch of outdoor sport activities when I have spare time , and I think that : "What's too much could damage" so I try to keep a balance in everything I do.
I also like to dive into the core of things and analyze them, that one is linked with the constant thirst for new things and latest technologies. :)

I dislike the Xbox 360 controller and those times when I had to do simple things in the complicated way :)

I would love to work ,someday, for a full feature film or for game cinematics thou the commercials will be an option too.